Recipe: Glowing Green Collagen Smoothie

Lyftaal Paarl Recipe - Green Collagen Smoothie

Eating seasonally is a wonderful way to boost your health. In August, we're loving the Glowing Green Collagen Smoothie - a recipe shared by Olympian and holistic nutrition coach Arianne Jones.

It's great for your skin, hair and nails, and even your gut health! It's hydrating, alkalising, and has a whopping 25 grams of protein to kick off your day on the right foot and keep you energised all morning.

Spinach contains lots of Vitamin A, which boosts tissue regeneration, and keeps the skin hydrated. Apples contain pectin, which promotes cell renewal, and helps to bind moisture, boosting skin condition. And that’s just the tip of the nutrient-dense iceberg!

Best of all, you can easily double up the recipe to make a batch to share, or to keep a portion in the fridge, ready to go for your next nutrient-dense fix.

Lyftaal Paarl Recipe - Green Collagen Smoothie


  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 handful of romaine lettuce
  • 1/4 cucumber
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1/2 apple, cored
  • 1/2 pear, cored
  • 1/2 banana, peeled
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 2 scoops of collagen protein
  • 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  • 1/2 chunk fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 cup water or unsweetened nut milk
  • 1 cup ice


Add all the ingredients to a blender, blitz until smooth, and enjoy.

TOP TIP: If you double up your batch to have some left over for later, you may want to give the second portion one more blitz in the blender to ensure an even consistency.
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