“If I can achieve one thing in this life, it would be to help each person I encounter to discover and appreciate the beauty within themselves. Cultivate calmness, and stay true to yourself. Step into your authentic self even if it does not take you on the easiest route to where you want to be.”

Jani de Koker — Founder of Lyftaal

Jani de Koker, the owner and founder of Lyftaal Beauty Spa in the beautiful Boland town of Paarl in the Western Cape, is not your average beauty therapist.

She does not believe that anyone should be afraid of the aging process, nor approach beauty and selfcare from a place of panic. Instead, she says it should all be about nurturing, and becoming attuned to your body.

“You need to fill your own cup before you can fill those of others. When you practice sustainable selfcare, you project a happy, centered energy that resonates with other people. When you have that love for yourself, it resonates with other people, promoting healing within themselves and creating a positive ripple effect,” says Jani. 

“Whether your selfcare takes the form of quietly drinking a cup of tea as you watch the sun rise, gently combing your hair before bed, or entrusting your favourite massage therapist to untangle the knots in your back once in a while, it all comes down to caring for yourself like you would for the other important people in your life."

“It all starts at home, and there is such a big need for gentleness and nurturing in the world right now."

Drawn to the industry due to her innate love of nurturing those around her, Jani completed her International Academy of Health & Skin Care Masters Diploma, SAAHSP, CIDESCO, ITEC, BABTAC and received several accolades throughout the course of her studies – including Best Overall Student 1st Year 2001 and Top SAAHSP Student 2002.

She then went on to hone her craft at High Rustenburg Hydro, Medi-Skin Clinic Paarl and Lanzerac Spa before opening the doors to Lyftaal in 2012, where she has since strived to promote a holistic and inclusive approach to beauty and skincare.

“Constant comparison, with others or future or past versions of ourselves corrodes confidence and breeds fear. Unconditional acceptance of who you are, what you are and where you are aligns heart and mind. Appreciation is the all-accepting song that attunes your body.”

Nadine Artemis

Author of Renegade Beauty: Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance