Welcome to Lyftaal

A space to be nurtured by humans & nature

[leifta:l] · {Afrikaans noun.} · 'Language of the body'

At Lyftaal holistic skin & body sanctuary we don’t believe the human body is a conundrum that needs solving

You are a miraculous living being with astonishing innate intelligence in each of your trillions of cells. This is why we work with you to look beyond the smoke of skin concerns and symptoms to find the roots of effective solutions, in a warm, nurturing space where you are free to be vulnerable and feel uncertain.

Look to yourself with compassion

Let us help you to take care of this marvellous vehicle you have at your disposal to explore the magic of life as it unfolds in each precious second. Beauty is not meant to be confusing - selfcare should leave you feeling satisfied and content.

Let us guide you in becoming your brave body's unfaltering ally.

Together we can discover what you need to stay healthy and vibrant through all the seasons of your incredible lifespan.

Let’s listen to the language of your body with unconditional acceptance.