Why We Love Supporting South African Brands

Lyftaal Loves Supporting South African Skincare & Lifestyle Brands! 

In the spirit of supporting a holistic lifestyle, let's talk about the locavore approach to beauty. Just like locavores strive to eat food grown nearby, you can extend this philosophy to your skincare routine. By choosing local South African brands, you're minimising your environmental impact through reduced transportation emissions.  

These smaller companies also often prioritise eco-friendly practices and use local ingredients where possible, ensuring you get the most potent and nourishing products for your skin. It's a win-win for your well-being and the planet!

Here's why supporting local, South African skincare and lifestyle brands is better for the earth, aligning perfectly with Lyftaal's holistic mission:

Reduced carbon footprint. Locavore principles extend to beauty! Locally made products travel shorter distances, which means less reliance on planes, trucks, and ships. This translates to fewer greenhouse gas emissions and a lighter impact on the environment.

Sustainable practices. Many small South African brands prioritise eco-friendly practices. They might use local, organic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and fair-trade labour, all contributing to a healthier planet.

Community focus, By choosing local, you support South African entrepreneurs and artisans. This strengthens the local economy, creates jobs, and fosters a sense of community around sustainability and ethical practices.

Freshness matters. Locavore principles apply to skincare too! Fresh, locally sourced ingredients often retain more nutrients and potency compared to those that travel long distances. This can translate to more effective and revitalising products for your skin.

Uniquely South African. Local brands often reflect the unique character and botanical riches of South Africa. You'll find products made with indigenous plants and traditional practices, offering a proudly South African pampering experience at Lyftaal.

By promoting local brands, Lyftaal empowers clients to make a positive impact while indulging in self-care. This includes: 

  • ESSE. Pioneering South African probiotic skincare, ESSE boosts your skin's natural defences to promote a healthy, radiant glow.
  • Environ. Scientifically advanced skincare for all skin types. Environ products target cellular renewal for a visibly youthful and healthy appearance.
  • Jomar. Natural, botanical skincare made with love in South Africa. Jomar offers a range of gentle yet effective products for various skin concerns.
  • Sunskin. Sun protection that's good for you and the planet. Sunskin's mineral-based sunscreens offer broad-spectrum protection without harsh chemicals.
  • LMC Tea. Nourish your body from the inside out with LMC's locally sourced, organic herbal teas. Find a blend to soothe, energise, or detoxify.
  • Amanda & Jayne. Luxurious bath and body care handcrafted in South Africa. Amanda & Jayne use natural ingredients to create a spa-like experience at home.
  • Oh-Lief. Sustainable living essentials made with love. Oh-Lief offers natural skincare, eco-friendly homeware, and zero-waste products.
  • Soil. Embrace the power of nature's finest ingredients. Soil's organic skincare products are free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.
  • Biosculpture. Advanced nail care that's kind to your nails and the environment. Biosculpture's gel polishes offer long-lasting colour without damage.

We double-dare you to join us on our locavore mission! To learn more about these brands, visit us in store, or ask your Lyftaal therapist about it at your next appointment.

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