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What Your Lyftaal Therapist Should Know Before You Glow

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As your body creates a little miracle, you deserve some pampering. Here at Lyftaal, we want to ensure your treatments are safe, relaxing, and enhance your pregnancy glow. 

There's some key information your Lyftaal therapist would love to know before your facial, massage, or steam room session. Don't worry, it's a simple conversation to personalise your experience and ensure your comfort. Here's what to share:


Letting your therapist know you're pregnant as soon as you feel comfortable to do so is crucial. Certain ingredients and techniques might not be recommended during pregnancy,  so knowing this allows them to tailor your treatment accordingly. Here's why:

  • Facial treatments: Products containing retinol, salicylic acid, or certain essential oils might not be suitable. These ingredients can potentially cause complications during your pregnancy. 
  • Massage therapy: Techniques focusing on strong pressure points or your abdomen should be avoided. Your therapist can focus on gentle techniques that promote relaxation and improve circulation in your legs and feet.
  • Steam room sessions. If you plan to include a steam room session as a part of your Lyftaal experience, it is best to discuss this with your physician prior to your treatment. Some pregnancies are higher risk than others, and your medical team may prefer for you not to partake in anything that might cause your blood pressure to fluctuate.

There's no need to wait until you're showing to mention your pregnancy. In fact, it's always best to  mention your pregnancy as soon as you schedule your appointment. This gives your therapist the chance to discuss the safest options for you and  allows them to  prepare  accordingly. Even if you're in the very early stages, knowing you're pregnant allows your Lyftaal therapist to start planning a treatment suited to your needs.

Knowing how far along you are helps determine the most suitable treatment  for your current stage. For example, some strong essential oils might be avoided in the first trimester.


Sharing any products you currently use on your face and body helps your therapist understand your skin type and sensitivities. They can then recommend pregnancy-safe alternatives or adjustments to your routine.


Whether you're experiencing breakouts, dryness, or changes in pigmentation, sharing these concerns allows your therapist to choose appropriate products and techniques. This ensures a safe and effective treatment during pregnancy.

The good news is that we have a Lyftaal Pregnancy Questionnaire that you can fill out before or during your visit to our sanctuary. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Transparency allows us to create a truly personalised experience for our pregnant clients. With this information at hand, our therapists can select products free from potentially harmful ingredients and choose techniques specifically suited to pregnancy. 

Remember, at Lyftaal, your comfort and safety are paramount. By sharing these details, you're ensuring a personalised treatment that leaves you feeling relaxed, radiant, and ready to embrace motherhood with a healthy glow!

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