The Story Behind our Refreshed Lyftaal Sanctuary

“Beauty in Simplicity”

In February 2023, Lyftaal celebrated 11 years of serving our amazing clientele, and we decided to make some big moves at the same time. So, our team relocated to temporary premises for 16 weeks while our sanctuary at 6 Perold Street in Paarl was renovated. 

This exciting, yet somewhat daunting, time of metamorphosis allowed us to rethink our space with the insights and support of talented interior designer Nelia Naude from NM Design, and multi-disciplinary artist Xenia Venter

Lyftaal Sanctuary Paarl renovations moodboard

In essence, our philosophy was to create a space of quiet simplicity to provide a calming respite from the pressures of modern-day life. By choosing calming colours and embracing a concise colour palette, we strove to invite the simple joys of nature inside our haven to set the scene for a touch of dolce far niente - sweet moments of restorative quietude.  

We hope that you will feel the love that went into the design of our sanctuary, and the care we took to create a nurturing, cocoon-like space where you are free to relax, unwind and find a safe harbour. 

Lyftaal Sanctuary Paarl Renovations

In a world where chaotic energies often have us in a state of flight or fight with our guard up at all times, we want to invite you to go soft, be vulnerable, and allow yourself to be nurtured. 

All the best, 

Lyftaal Sanctuary Paarl Founder Jani De Koker

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day is by no means a waste of time." Sir John Lubbock
Sanctuary Team

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